2011 Gold Winner

2011 Silver Winner

2011 Bronze Winner

Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin

  • http://www.boudier.com/UK/default.htm
  • ABV: 25%
  • Origin of Sloes: East Europe
  • Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin


    Deep, yet clear, red.


    Heavy sloe aroma with pronounced juniper notes. Several on the panel detecting botanicals, floral notes, citrus and even “underlying tones of freshly felled conifers” as proclaimed by one member of the panel.


    A well integrated sloe gin with all ingredients really shining through, yet not competing fiercely. Some of the panel felt the juniper was slightly over pronounced; this was a defining feature for others. Both dryness and sweetness at various stages of tasting. Imagine wet conifer and forest breezes.


    A well defined sloe gin. Overall it was well balanced with both complex aromas and flavours.