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2011 Silver Winner

2011 Bronze Winner

Foxdenton Estate Sloe Gin

  • http://www.foxdentonestate.co.uk
  • ABV: 29%
  • Origin of Sloes: Multiple locations including Europe.
  • Foxdenton Estate Sloe Gin

    5cl - £3.00

    35cl - £9.99

    50cl - £14.99

    70cl - £19.50



    Medium, clear, copper.


    Pronounced juniper with other botanicals and hints of pine.


    One of the drier sloe gins, as intended by the producer. As expected, the palette boasted pronounced juniper. Subtle sloe notes gave way to a short finish.


    At the drier end of the spectrum, this sloe gin would be a hit with any gin drinker. A rebellious tipple that shuns conformity and marks it’s own territory in the sloe gin world.